Uptown Collection


The Uptown Collection by LektraFlor

Preview the Uptown Collection – a premium luxury vinyl plank selection showcasing meticulously selected wood tones radiating a sense of purity, vitality, and a hint of boldness. Retaining its exceptional cost-effectiveness, this collection draws inspiration from the bustling energy of urban life, this collection presents a modern and stylish flooring solution perfectly suited for multi-family residences and a diverse array of commercial spaces.

Uptown was specifically designed with cost-effectiveness in mind, making it the savvy choice for projects with tight budgets. Rest assured, its affordability in no way compromises on quality or style, enabling you to achieve a high-end appearance without stretching your finances.

Whether you’re working on a luxurious apartment complex, a vibrant co-working space, or a trendy retail establishment, the Uptown Collection provides a durable and visually captivating flooring solution that encapsulates the vibrancy of city life. Elevate your next project with the Uptown Collection and revel in the seamless fusion of style, durability, and cost-efficiency.


SKU 23601


7" x 48"

SKU 23602


7" x 48"

SKU 23603

Bright Lights

7" x 48"

SKU 23604

City Life

7" x 48"

SKU 23604

Fast Lane

7" x 48"


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